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For the past 25 years, Urban Harvest has helped to cultivate thriving communities through gardening and access to healthy, local food. In this short, 5-part series, we share our gardening knowledge to help you start a successful edible garden.

There are 5 videos in this series: Site Selection, Soil & Compost, Plant Propagation, Fertilizing, and Watering. In each video, we will give you the basic knowledge needed to quickly get your garden going.

Before we dig in, just a quick few notes: if you are from outside of Houston, it's important you know that our advice is influenced by Houston's semi-tropical climate. While not all information may apply to those outside of Houston, the techniques are the same. Contact your local nursery or Extension County Office to get more specific growing advice.

Speaking of advice, visit our Garden Advice page on the Urban Harvest website for even more information including our seasonal planting guides, and resources for community gardens.

Finally, take your time. Gardening is easy, but does require a little patience and attention. Let's dig in!




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