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From the Garden to the Table
Saturday, Nov. 4, 2023, 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Heather Hendrick
Urban Harvest Teaching Garden

There's nothing quite as fresh and delicious as food straight from the garden to the table! Come learn how easy it is to plant a salad garden in Houston and learn to make a garden-fresh salad dressing! No green thumbs or gardens are required. Anyone can grow lettuce, and you can even grow a salad garden in a container on your patio!

Heather Hendrick grew up in and near gardens, but it wasn't until decades later that she understood the rarity and gift it was watching her grandparents, parents, and aunts make their gardens a part of everyday life.
"I wish I could say growing up near a garden taught me the skill of gardening. It didn't. However, I do believe eating from the garden as I was growing up set an expectation and precedence for how real food should taste, smell, and feel."
Today, Heather has been gardening for over 25 years. "I started growing food in pots as a college student as Texas A&M. My gardens grew as my family grew." Today, Heather's passion is helping Houstonians experience the joy of the garden without all the frustrations of failure. With the right setup and support, it truly is possible to eat from the garden every single week in Houston!

Registration will close 24 hours prior to classes Monday-Saturday and 48 hours before Sunday classes.

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